ISBN 963112505 was input with 9 digits (one digit too few).

The ISBN 963112505 that you entered has got 9 digits, i.e. one digit is missing to make a valid ISBN. You can find information on the format of an ISBN on the home page of this site. This site has found the following 10 numerically correct ISBN out of which the ISBN that you input coule have resulted by a single error (dropping one digit). You can now check out these suggestions in the databases of the following booksellers' sites: (UK), (USA) and (Germany). Additional sites to search by ISBN (in this case, in catalogs of libraries) are e.g. the Library of Congress (USA) or the search gateway of the Deutsche Bibliothek. To the home page
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ISBN prefix group: French language
ISBNas­su­med er­rorCatalogs for checking
2-9631125-0-5first digit was drop­ped.
ISBN prefix group: Netherlands
ISBNas­su­med er­rorCatalogs for checking
90-6311-250-5second digit was drop­ped.
ISBN prefix group: Hong Kong, China
ISBNas­su­med er­rorCatalogs for checking
962-311-250-5third digit was drop­ped.
ISBN prefix group: Hungary
ISBNas­su­med er­rorCatalogs for checking
963-11-0250-5sixth digit was drop­ped.
963-11-2502-5ninth digit was drop­ped.
963-11-2505-Xtenth digit was drop­ped.
963-11-2550-5seven­th digit was drop­ped.
eighth digit was drop­ped.
963-12-1250-5fifth digit was drop­ped.
963-511-250-5fourth digit was drop­ped.

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