ISBN 8096212262 hat failed the check­sum digit test.

The following 11 formally correct ISBNs were determined. Starting from these ISBNs the value 8096212262 that you input could have resulted frome one error (error in one digit or transposition of two digits.) You can now check using the links given for the catalogs of, and whether any book is listed for the respective URL. To the home page
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ISBN prefix group: English language
ISBNas­su­med er­rorCatalogs for checking
0-89621-226-21st and 2nd digits were swap­ped.
ISBN prefix group: former U.S.S.R
ISBNas­su­med er­rorCatalogs for checking
5-09-621226-2first digit was chan­ged.
ISBN prefix group: former Czechoslovakia
ISBNas­su­med er­rorCatalogs for checking
80-86212-26-2third digit was chan­ged.
80-962102-6-2seven­th digit was chan­ged.
80-962122-2-2ninth digit was chan­ged.
80-962122-6-5tenth digit was chan­ged.
80-962123-6-2eighth digit was chan­ged.
80-962622-6-2sixth digit was chan­ged.
80-968122-6-2fifth digit was chan­ged.
80-982122-6-2fourth digit was chan­ged.
ISBN prefix group: Spain
ISBNas­su­med er­rorCatalogs for checking
84-96212-26-2second digit was chan­ged.

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